Our firm has taken part in the country's main insolvency-related proceedings of recent years.

CPA Aliza Sharon heads this department, having accumulated over 25 years of experience, beginning with her time as an employee of a Big 4 firm specializing in this field.

In addition, this specialization is also significantly supported by one of the firm's other partners - CPA Ariel Binyamin, who has over 10 years of experience in this field.

Our firm has represented most banks and a number of financial institutions in the various relevant proceedings. In addition, in many cases we provide out expert services on behalf of the various courts, as well as on behalf of direct clients.

In some proceedings, companies need to be operated while the legal proceedings are under way, while in other cases various types of liquidations need to be carried out. This results in the fact that the firm manages wide scoped, complex negotiations and proceedings, as well as extensive investigations of various types.

Following are some of our prominent customers of the past two years:

 Mega Retail Ltd
 Chayon Computers Ltd
 Control centers Ltd
 Europe Israel (M.M.S) Ltd
√ Ramet Ltd.
 Shtang Construction and Engineering Ltd.
 Hatehof Ltd.
 Sol'or Group
 The New Central Bus Station of Tel Aviv
 Lev Ofir Group Ltd.
 Easy Market Ltd.
 Jerusalem's Ramat Beit Hakerem project - Ovad Levi Group


In addition, the company has been involved in the following accounts:

 Hephzibah Housing and Development Ltd.,
 Rav Bariach Security Products Ltd.